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Websites and Phone Numbers for Bereavement Support

During the current coronavirus pandemic we are all facing the possibility of a tragic loss of life amongst our family, friends and neighbours, often under very difficult circumstances and with no time to adjust to the situation or to say good bye. Under these exceptional circumstances those who have been bereaved may experience the added trauma of being cut off from their usual support network. Those who are already struggling with bereavement, or whose relatives or friends die through other causes will also be affected by the restrictions on funeral arrangements, travel and close contact.

Below is a list of websites and phone numbers.  These provide practical information on finances, emotional support and information on how the way the pandemic is affecting the way we are able to show bereavement and grief.

There are also some ideas as to how individuals can use social media to come together to celebrate the life of a loved one and continue to support each other.

Financial Support

State bereavement payments: and additional information on what to do when someone dies.

Practical advice and support

Information booklets from Age UK. “What to do when someone dies,” “ How to an executor, “ “Bereavement”  Extremely useful information specifically written in response to the Covid-19 virus   tel:0800 0902309